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A chifforobe is "a modern invention, having been in use only a short time." That is what you see if you look in the 1908 Sears Catalog reproduction, which is [supposedly] the first time the chifforobe was introduced to the furniture buying public. It is basically a tall, free-standing closet for your hanging clothes with a set of drawers for other clothing. Today, it has become analogous to the term and style of funiture known as an armoire.

Often described as a mixture of an armoire, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, chifferobe components are usually arranged side-by-side (but may also have the hanging clothes section above one or two drawers). This furniture style became popular because turn of the century (1900) homes did not have much closet space - because most families did not have many clothes. However, with the growing affluence of the early 1900s, people all of a sudden needed more hanging storage. It was much more convenient to buy a chiffrobe from Sears than to remodel the bedroom.

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The chifforobe (or chifferobe or chiffrobe) fell out of popularity as home builders of the mid to late 1900s began including ample closets into home design. But today, with many homes featuring large walk-in closets, many people are again featuring a chifforobe or two in their homes as accent pieces and provide more visible, and sometimes more convenient, access to clothing that is used more frequently than items hanging way back in "the closet." You may call it a chiffarobe, chifforobe, chifferobe, chiffrobe, chifrobe, or a shifferobe. Or even an armoire! But whatever, it is a furniture piece that may be a century old but is now a "modern" piece sought after by many - if not from an antique shop, then from one of the fore-thinking and quality furniture dealers of today. appreciates you taking the time to visit our site. Thank you.
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